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Producing anxiety in the neoliberal university
This paper presents a theoretical analysis of the neoliberal production of anxiety in academic faculty members in universities in Northern Europe. The paper focuses on neoliberalization as it isExpand
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Proclaiming place: Towards a geography of place name pronunciation
This paper provides a critical review of recent geographical scholarship on place naming and contends that aural aspects of naming have yet to be fully worked into the research agenda. To begin toExpand
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Common Insights, Differing Methodologies
In this article, we discuss three broad research approaches: indigenous methodologies, participatory action research, and White studies. We suggest that a fusion of these three approaches can beExpand
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Placing Masculinities and Geography
Introduction There has been an increasing focus in feminist and pro-feminist inspired studies on examining men, male subjectivities and masculinities in the decade since Gender, Place and CultureExpand
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Naming as Norming: ‘Race’, Gender, and the Identity Politics of Naming Places in Aotearoa/New Zealand
The process of naming places involves a contested identity politics of people and place. Place-names are part of the social construction of space and the symbolic construction of meanings aboutExpand
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Geographies of identity I
As geographers interested in issues of identity, we need to be concerned with the subject effects of our own positioning in the world. I argue here that we need to be especially cognizant of theExpand
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Visibility and Voice
In Canada, cultural safety (CS) is emerging as a theoretical and practice lens to orient health care services to meet the needs of Aboriginal people. Evidence suggests Aboriginal peoples’ encountersExpand
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Masculinism, Emplacement, and Positionality in Peer Review
In this article I examine peer review (refereeing) of manuscripts for geography journals, focusing in particular upon the discourse of refereeing. I suggest that this discourse is constituted throughExpand
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Gender equity as ‘boundary object’: …or the same old sex and power in geography all over again?
In her 1990 analysis of the gendered character of United Kingdom Geography departments, Linda McDowell argued that Geography was a bastion of male power in academia (McDowell 1990). More than aExpand
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Market metaphors, neo‐liberalism and the construction of academic landscapes in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Abstract New Zealand's far‐reaching experiment with neo‐liberal economic and social policies has become a model for many right‐leaning economic commentators—and some governments—throughout theExpand
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