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This study examined the extent to which the psychological variables of depression, anxiety, and helplessness predicted the pain behavior and functional status of 64 rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients beyond what could be predicted on the basis of demographic and medical status variables. Pain behavior was evaluated using a standardized observation method,(More)
Female indices were measured on six soybean cultivars with resistance to Heterodera glycines derived from PI 88788. Cultivars were inoculated with four isolates of race 6, 3 of race 9, 2 of race 4, and one of race 14. Changes in female index from slightly < or > 10% of the test cultivars compared to 'Lee' resulted in a change of most of the race(More)
An observation method for the assessment of pain behaviors in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been developed. We investigated the extent to which the frequencies of pain behaviors differentiated patients with RA and patients with chronic low back pain from depressed and nondepressed, pain free, control subjects. The reliability of the pain(More)
A randomized clinical trial was performed to evaluate a psychological treatment intervention and a social support program, compared with a control program in which no adjunct treatment was rendered, and their effects upon pain behavior, affect, and disease activity of 53 patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The psychological intervention produced significant(More)
The authors outline the development and implementation of a public health education program for cervical cancer screening among black women in Forsyth County, NC. The educational program includes distributing electronic and printed information media messages, a program of direct education for women, and providing information on current issues in cervical(More)
This investigation estimated the extent of noncompliance with follow-up to screening for cervical dysplasia at a public health family planning clinic. Available data also permitted examination of the relationship between selected background characteristics and compliance with follow-up. Noncompliance was defined as failure to respond to notification of an(More)