Lawrence D. Cutler

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We have built a systemthatallows usersto naturallymanipulatevirtual 3D models with both hands on the Responsive Workbench, a tabletopVR device. Our design is largely based upon Guiard’s observations of how humans distribute work between the two hands in the real world. We show how to apply these principles for the workbench environment and describe many(More)
The paper describes how we designed and prototyped HandJive, a haptic device for interpersonal entertainment. Handlive is notable because it relies entirely on haptic input and output. The design process included typical steps such as analyzing user needs and performing iterative prototyping 2nd testing. However, developing a haptic interface like HandJive(More)
We present a kinematic system for creating art-directed wrinkles on costumes for CG characters. This system employs a curve-based method for creating wrinkles on reference poses, which are incorporated into a weighted matching algorithm that generates wrinkle deformations on an animated character. The wrinkle creation tool is intuitive to use and(More)
Rickettsia quintana grew readily on blood-agar base when the following conditions and supplements were supplied: (i) aerobic conditions; (ii) increased CO(2) tension; (iii) crystalline hemoglobin or hemin, but not protoporphyrin; and (iv) a colloidal "detoxifying agent," such as starch or charcoal. Serum was not required nor did it enhance growth when all(More)
Computer-generated characters are central to an animated feature film and need to deliver appealing, believable on-screen performances. As such, character rigs continue to expand in complexity (for example higher fidelity skin, clothing and hair). This leads to growing system demands as animators wish to interact with complex rigs at interactive frame(More)
Inspired by a Native American myth, "Rainbow Crow" explores themes of self-discovery and sacrifice. In a forest that is perpetually spring-like, the animals are happy and carefree. But when winter descends for the first time ever, their lives are suddenly in grave danger and only Rainbow Crow can save them.
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