Lawrence C Spezzano

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Arboreal animals often move in habitats with dense vegetation, narrow perches and variable inclines, but effects of arboreal habitat structure on locomotor function are poorly understood for most animals. Several species of Anolis lizards, which have served as a model group for relating locomotor performance to morphology, have decreased maximal sprinting(More)
Two cases of mesenteric syndrome were observed in 41 patients undergoing correction of aortic coarctation at the School of Heart and Large Vessel Surgery of the 1st Medical Faculty of Naples University. In the light of the latest theories regarding the pathogenesis of the mesenteric syndrome, post-operative arterial hypertension is held to be a decisive(More)
Medical schools, although the gatekeepers of much biomedical education and research, rarely engage formally with K-12 educators to influence curriculum content or professional development. This segregation of content experts from teachers creates a knowledge gap that limits inclusion of current biomedical science into high school curricula, affecting both(More)
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