Lawrence C. Marsh

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Baseline sales measure what retail sales would be in the absence of a promotion (Abraham and Lodish 1993), and models that measure baseline sales are widely used by managers to assess the profitability of promotions (Bucklin and Gupta 1999–this issue). Estimates of baseline sales and promotional response are typically independent of past promotional(More)
1. Abstract The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to use SAS0 to estimate a piecewise linear or higher order spline regression model. The method of estimation depends upon whether the join point-is known in advance or has to be estimated and whether a linear or a higher order model is used. When the location of the join point is not known but some(More)
In survey sampling, information about the prevalence of a health outcome Y for a defined target population is frequently obtained using a two-stage data collection process. In the first stage, households that have members of the target population are identified and socio-demographic data that are believed to be associated with Y are collected. At the end of(More)
The social security system offers an interesting challenge to modelers. It is probably the only program in the government sector that is essentially a closed system since revenues must equal receipts if the system is to remain self-financed. Furthermore, the program is now tied to changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)and average wages rather than to the(More)