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The brains of 232 patients with a case-note diagnosis of schizophrenia or affective disorder who died in one mental hospital over a period of 22 years were weighed, and were assessed in a coronal section at the level of the interventricular foramina. From this sample were eliminated the brains of patients whose illnesses did not meet the Washington(More)
Reductions in the size of medial temporal lobe structures in schizophrenia have been demonstrated using magnetic resonance imaging. It is not clear whether these neuropathological changes are present premorbidly or if they reflect an adult-onset progressive process. In this study, quantitative measures were made of the lateral ventricles, third ventricle,(More)
Baseline sales measure what retail sales would be in the absence of a promotion (Abraham and Lodish 1993), and models that measure baseline sales are widely used by managers to assess the profitability of promotions (Bucklin and Gupta 1999–this issue). Estimates of baseline sales and promotional response are typically independent of past promotional(More)
This study investigates young children's understanding of homophones in two different linguistic contexts. Research has shown that children interpret homophones according to their 'primary' sense even though this is inappropriate to the linguistic context. The present study investigates the influence of different contexts on their interpretations of(More)
Uncertainties associated with the effects from chronic low-level exposures to radiation prompted us to construct a Low Dose Rate Irradiation Facility (LoDIF). The facility was designed specifically to test the appropriateness of the 10 mGy d(-1) guideline often espoused as acceptable for protection of aquatic biota from ionizing radiation. Scientists at the(More)
1. Abstract The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to use SAS0 to estimate a piecewise linear or higher order spline regression model. The method of estimation depends upon whether the join point-is known in advance or has to be estimated and whether a linear or a higher order model is used. When the location of the join point is not known but some(More)
In this response we reply to Campbell's criticisms of our article in the March 2012 issue of Presidential Studies Quarterly. We demonstrate algebraically that Campbell's preferred model of the economy, which includes a lagged value of the dependent variable, merely disguises the impact of the president on economic performance. We reject his other criticisms(More)