Lawrence C. Marsh

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In survey sampling, information about the prevalence of a health outcome Y for a defined target population is frequently obtained using a two-stage data collection process. In the first stage, households that have members of the target population are identified and socio-demographic data that are believed to be associated with Y are collected. At the end of(More)
Scattered works by political scientists since the 1970s have reported that Democratic presidents have compiled stronger economic records than their Republican counterparts: economic growth has been higher, unemployment lower, and inequality has fallen during Democratic administrations while the opposite outcomes have occurred under Republican presidents.(More)
The social security system offers an interesting challenge to modelers. It is probably the only program in the government sector that is essentially a closed system since revenues must equal receipts if the system is to remain self-financed. Furthermore, the program is now tied to changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)and average wages rather than to the(More)
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