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Technology. His current research interests intersect strategic management and information technology. At Sloan, he teaches a course on strategic management and information technology and his research projects deal with the causes and effects of electronic integration and information technology strategy, especially the management of infonnation technology(More)
In this paper, we develop aconccptual model of information technologyoutsourcing using a set of benefits and risks as determinants and performance as consequences. We then test our model.using primary data from a questionnaire survey involving the chief information officers in 159 Fortune 500 corporations, combined with appropriate secondarydata from(More)
The emergence of information technology (IT) as a critical determinant for business productivity brings a fundamental need to align the IT strategy with the corporate suatgy. A basic issue arising from this imperative is the choice of effective structural mechanisms to govern the IT function. Our paper constructs and tests an integrated governance model of(More)
Despite substantial investments by government, philanthropic, and commercial sources over the past several decades, traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains an unmet medical need and a major source of disability and mortality in both developed and developing societies. The U.S. Department of Defense neurotrauma research portfolio contains more than 500 research(More)
In this paper, we propose a systematic set of guidelines for creating an effective formal verification testplan, which consists of an English list of comprehensive requirements that capture the desired functionality of the blocks we intend to formally verify. We demonstrate our formal verification testplanning techniques on a real example that involves an(More)
Physician interest in global health, particularly among family physicians, is reflected by an increasing proliferation of field training and service experiences. However, translating initial training involvement into a defined and sustainable global health career remains difficult and beset by numerous barriers. Existing global health literature has largely(More)
Contemporary interest in in short-term experiences in global health (STEGH) has led to important questions of ethics, responsibility, and potential harms to receiving communities. In addressing these issues, the role of local engagement through partnerships between external STEGH facilitating organization(s) and internal community organization(s) has been(More)