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The WISC-R factor scores of non-retarded children meeting DSM III criteria for autism and schizophrenia were compared. The scores of the schizophrenic children on factor 3 were significantly lower than those of the autistic children, below the range of normal children, and significantly lower than the scores they obtained on the verbal comprehension and(More)
Thirty-five children, aged 4 to 13 (X = 9.54), meeting strict DSM-III criteria for schizophrenia, are described. The subjects were diagnosed using a new semistructured interview. All were in the normal range of intelligence (mean IQ = 94) and free of neurological disorders. Characteristic auditory hallucinations were present in 80% and delusions in 63% of(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight and obesity lead to higher probability of individuals accessing primary care but adiposity estimates are rarely available at regional levels to inform health service planning. This paper analyses a large, community-derived clinical database of objectively measured body mass index (BMI) to explore relationships with area-level(More)
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