Lawrence B Sandberg

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Together with the 31-kDa microfibril-associated glycoprotein (MAGP), four polypeptides designated MP340 (340 kDa), MP78 (78 kDa), MP70 (70 kDa), and MP25 (25 kDa) have previously been identified in tissue extracts designed specifically to solubilize the microfibrillar component of elastic fibers. In the present study, both MP78 and MP70 were shown to be(More)
Affinity-purified antibodies to microfibril-associated glycoprotein (MAGP) were used to screen a random-primed, bovine nuchal ligament cDNA library in lambda gt11. A 303-base pair clone, cM5, was isolated which encoded an amino acid sequence homologous with that determined directly from a Lys-C peptide of MAGP. A 936-base pair cDNA clone, cM32, was(More)
Dietary lipid modulation of structural and passive mechanical properties of isolated rat abdominal aortic segments were assessed during the early developmental period. Rats were raised from conception to 90 days of age on semisynthetic diets containing various types and amounts of lipids. Aortic segments from three groups of rats fed high-fat diets (15%,(More)
BACKGROUND Antibodies (Abs) to alpha-elastin (elastin breakdown product) and tropoelastin (elastin precursor) are found in the serum of all human subjects and correlate with their respective serum peptide levels; however, peptide levels vary with age and some disease states. This study was undertaken to determine if serum elastin Abs, peptides, and elastin(More)
Little data exist on the structure and function of compressible elastomeric proteins such as abductin. An understanding of the underlying structural features of these proteins may lead to the development of a new class of highly tailored "compressible" hydrogels. To that effect, in this work, the structure of abductin was investigated by means of studies on(More)
Thirty-nine 40-day old male Sprague-Dawley rats (average wt. 115g) were divided into 4 groups and fed diets A, control; B, essential fatty acid (EFA) deficient; C, protein deficient; D, combined protein and EFA deficient. At the end of 5 weeks, lungs were removed from the animals for collagen and elastin quantitation and for morphometric measurements. The(More)