Lawrence B. Levy

Naoto T Ueno1
Wendy A Woodward1
Daniel Smith1
1Naoto T Ueno
1Wendy A Woodward
1Daniel Smith
1Wei Xu
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Algorithm 708 (BRATIO) was run on 2730 test cases. Comparison of these results with the results from an algorithm using a continued fraction of Tretter and Walster were performed using a high-precision version of the latter algorithm implemented in Maple. Accuracy of BRATIO ranged from 9.64 significant digits to a full machine double-precision, 15.65(More)
The flexible statistical models incorporating the log-F distribution are little used because of numeric difficulties. We describe a method for calculating the log-likelihood and two derivatives with respect to the data argument. Fortran subroutines incorporating these calculations are provided.
Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is an aggressive type of breast cancer, characterized by very rapid progression, enlargement of the breast, skin edema causing an orange peel appearance (peau d’orange), erythema, thickening, and dermal lymphatic invasion. It is characterized by E-cadherin overexpression in the primary and metastatic disease, but to date no(More)
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