Lawrence A. Bookman

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This article was published in the Proceedings of the Applied Natural Language Processing Conference (ANLP−2000) in Seattle, Washington, May 1−3, 2000. A preliminary version was published as a technical report (TR−99−83) in the Sun Microsystems Laboratories Technical Report Series. The article represents a milestone in an ongoing project aimed at discovering(More)
One fundamental problem of natural language processing is word sense disambiguation. Solving this problem involves the integration of multiple knowledge sources: syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic. Recent work has shown how this problem can be modelled as a constraint satisfaction process between competing syntactic and semantic structures. We have defined(More)
In artificial intelligence, human understanding of text is modeled by programs that construct representations. A critical question concerns determining the form of the representation (hence, the form of the understanding). Thls article explores the encoding relationship between the semantic memory and the representation/ understanding. An important feature(More)
In the foreword to this recent book by Larry Bookman, Wendy Lehnert writes, "this volume is without question a milestone in language processing scholarship." To put it simply, I agree. In 236 pages, Bookman develops at length the two-tier model of semantic memory that he first introduced in his doctoral dissertation on text comprehension. The relational(More)
Winner-take-all (WTA) structures are currently used in massively parallel (connectionist) networks to represent competitive behavior among sets of alternative hypotheses. However, this form of competition might be too rigid and not be appropriate for certain applications. For example, applications that involve noisy and erroneous inputs might mislead W T A(More)
and Symbolic Processes (the Cognitive Dimension), sponsored by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, was held on 16 July 1992 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California. The workshop addressed the cognitive aspects of integrating neural and symbolic processes through the comparison, the categorization, and the examination of(More)
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