Lavanya Veeravalli

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The human genome contains many thousands of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs). While several studies have demonstrated compelling biological and disease roles for individual examples, analytical and experimental approaches to investigate these genes have been hampered by the lack of comprehensive lncRNA annotation. Here, we present and analyze the most complete(More)
Unequivocal demonstration of the therapeutic utility of γ-retroviral vectors for gene therapy applications targeting the hematopoietic system was accompanied by instances of insertional mutagenesis. These events stimulated the ongoing development of putatively safer integrating vector systems and analysis methods to characterize and compare integration site(More)
Genome rearrangements, a hallmark of cancer, can result in gene fusions with oncogenic properties. Using DNA paired-end-tag (DNA-PET) whole-genome sequencing, we analyzed 15 gastric cancers (GCs) from Southeast Asians. Rearrangements were enriched in open chromatin and shaped by chromatin structure. We identified seven rearrangement hot spots and 136 gene(More)
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