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In this article, we discuss the problem of establishing relations between information measures for network structures. Two types of entropy based measures namely, the Shannon entropy and its generalization, the Rényi entropy have been considered for this study. Our main results involve establishing formal relationships, by means of inequalities, between(More)
In this article, we tackle a challenging problem in quantitative graph theory. We establish relations between graph entropy measures representing the structural information content of networks. In particular, we prove formal relations between quantitative network measures based on Shannon's entropy to study the relatedness of those measures. In order to(More)
VPN service providers(VSP) and IP-VPN customers have maintained service demarcation boundaries between their routing and signaling entities resulting in the VPN's viewing the VSP network as an opaque entity and therefore limiting interaction between the two. Ravi et. al in [1] introduced the notion of topology abstraction as a means for sharing the core(More)
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