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Structure of human hyaluronidase-1, a hyaluronan hydrolyzing enzyme involved in tumor growth and angiogenesis.
Mammalian hyaluronidases hydrolyze hyaluronan, a polysaccharide of diverse physiological roles found in all tissues and body fluids. In addition to its function in normal cellular hyaluronanExpand
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Myospryn Is a Direct Transcriptional Target for MEF2A That Encodes a Striated Muscle, α-Actinin-interacting, Costamere-localized Protein*
The full repertoire of proteins that comprise the striated muscle Z-disc and peripheral structures, such as the costamere, have yet to be discovered. Recent studies suggest that this elaborateExpand
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Comparison of the chemical and thermal denaturation of proteins by a two-state transition model.
The conformational stabilities of eight proteins in terms of the free energy differences between the native "folded" state of the protein and its "unfolded" state were determined at 298 K by twoExpand
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