Laval Jacquin

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One objective of this study was to provide readers with a clear and unified understanding of parametric statistical and kernel methods, used for genomic prediction, and to compare some of these in the context of rice breeding for quantitative traits. Furthermore, another objective was to provide a simple and user-friendly R package, named KRMM, which allows(More)
Fertilization sensitivity to heat in rice is a major issue within climate change scenarios in the tropics. A panel of 167 indica landraces and improved varieties was phenotyped for spikelet sterility (SPKST) under 38°C during anthesis and for several secondary traits potentially affecting panicle micro-climate and thus the fertilization process. The panel(More)
Numerous methods have been developed over the last decade to predict allelic identity at unobserved loci between pairs of chromosome segments along the genome. These loci are often unobserved positions tested for the presence of quantitative trait loci (QTL). The main objective of this study was to understand from a theoretical standpoint the relation(More)
Numerous simulation tools based on specific assumptions have been proposed to simulate populations. Here we present a simulation tool named DHOEM (densification of haplotypes by loess regression and maximum likelihood) which is free from population assumptions and simulates new markers in real SNP marker data. The main objective of DHOEM is to generate a(More)
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