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Interaction between TP63 and MDM2 genes and the risk of recurrent pregnancy loss.
OBJECTIVE Recent studies have investigated the role of the p53 gene family in reproductive processes. Each member of the gene family acts through different mechanisms: p53 is involved in genomicExpand
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Zika Virus as a Possible Risk Factor for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Neuroimmunological Aspects
The recent outbreak of the Zika virus (ZIKV) and the discovery that perinatal Zika exposure can lead to the Congenital Zika Syndrome has promoted a call for prevention measures. Due to the increasedExpand
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Twin Peaks: A spatial and temporal study of twinning rates in Brazil
Twin births are an important public health issue due to health complications for both mother and children. While it is known that contemporary factors have drastically changed the epidemiology ofExpand
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