Laury Verner

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Over the last decade, businesses and governments have been giving increasing attention to business processes - to their description, automation, and management. This interest grows out of the need to streamline business operations, consolidate organizations, and save costs, reflecting the fact that the process is the basic unit of business value within an(More)
A patient with atypical bilateral facial pain reported the loss of analgesic effect of intracerebroventricular morphine delivered continuously via an implanted pump, accompanied by intolerable adverse side effects associated with the administered high dose of morphine. Clonidine was substituted for morphine over a period of 3 weeks to achieve a drug(More)
Capturing and understanding your organization's business processes is a critical step in any business process initiative, but one that is often performed poorly, if at all. The history of business is replete with discovery failures and successful but extraordinarily painful efforts at process discovery. These failures are generally the result of a mix of(More)
In 12 patients with developing alcohol withdrawal syndrome after abdomino-thoracic surgical procedures who were treated with Clonidine, short latency somatosensory evoked potentials were recorded. Clonidine leads to a good sedation, anxiolysis and moderated the psychotic symptoms. However, there was no significant correlation between the Clonidine(More)
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