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In the past few decades, in the marine realm in particular, the use of molecular tools has led to the discovery of hidden taxonomic diversity, revealing complexes of sister species. A good example is the red algal genus Asparagopsis. The two species (A. armata and A. taxiformis) recognized in this genus have been introduced in many places around the world.(More)
Recent increases in biological invasions frequency may have important consequences on native communities. However, functional redundancy between invasive and native species could reduce non-native species effects on native ecosystems. Despite this, even small differences in functional traits between these species may still have unpredictable effects on(More)
Halimeda is a genus of calcified and segmented green macroalgae in the order Bryopsidales. In New Caledonia, the genus is abundant and represents an important part of the reef flora. Previous studies recorded 19 species that were identified using morphological criteria. The aim of this work was to reassess the diversity of the genus in New Caledonia using(More)
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