Lauro Trevisan

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We report a novel single-drive 10 Gb/s electro-optic Mach-Zehnder modulator in domain inverted LiNbO<sub>3</sub>. The low switching voltage, close to 2 V, allows the use of inexpensive drivers, such as those for electro-absorption modulators.
A system of electrostatic sensors has been designed for the SPIDER (Source for the production of Ions of Deuterium Extracted from RF plasma) experiment, prototype RF source of the ITER NBI (neutral beam injection). A prototype of the sensor system was manufactured and tested at the BATMAN (BAvarian Test MAchine for Negative ions) facility, where the plasma(More)
In MITICA, the ITER neutral beam injector prototype, in-vessel components will be instrumented with thermocouples for material thermal measurements and water cooling calorimetry. A subset of MITICA thermal sensors will be installed in ITER Neutral Beam Injectors and it will consist of type N Mineral Insulated (MI) thermocouples with Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)(More)
In the framework of the development of the ITER neutral beam (NB) system, a test facility is planned to be built in Padova. A full size prototype of the ITER heating NB injector (MITICA) shall be built and tested at full beam power (17 MW) as per ITER requirements. The design of the MITICA beam source has further progressed following updated optimization(More)
In-vessel components of Megavolt ITER Injector and Concept Advancement, the ITER neutral beam injector prototype, will be instrumented with different sensor technologies mainly for protection and thermal control: thermocouples (TCs) will be used as thermal sensors distributed on all the in-vessel components, accelerometers as boiling detectors mounted on(More)
To properly regulate currents inside IGNITOR poloidal (PFC) and toroidal (TFC) field coils a system of 15 thyristor AC/DC converter has been designed. The total electrical power drawn by the 400 kV grid has been minimized performing a multi-steps iterative optimization process. In this way the most appropriate current distribution within each PFC has been(More)
The megavolt ITER injector and concept advancement experiment is the prototype and the test bed of the ITER heating and current drive neutral beam injectors, currently in the final design phase, in view of the installation in Padova Research on Injector Megavolt Accelerated facility in Padova, Italy. The beam source is the key component of the system, as(More)
An electron dump (ED) has been developed and added to the SPIDER negative ion beam source in order to dispose of the electrons exiting from the accelerator, which are mainly generated by stripping reactions. This component prevents from having unwanted and possibly concentrated heat load from electrons on the downstream components and permits to obtain on(More)
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