Lauris Ducasse

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Tracer particles on the surface of a turbulent flow have a very intermittent distribution. This preferential concentration effect is studied in a two-dimensional synthetic compressible flow, both in the inertial (self-similar) and in the dissipative (smooth) range of scales, as a function of the compressibility C . The second moment of the concentration(More)
2014 We have investigated the magnetic properties (ESR, static susceptibility and magnetization experiments) of the new organic superconductor 03BA-(MDTTTF)2AuI2 above and below the SC phase transition temperature (Tc ~ 4 K). At ambient pressure the electronic structures of this salt and of two related compounds [03BA-(BEDT)2Cu(SCN)2 and 03BA(BEDT)2Ag(CN)2,(More)
The photophysical properties of the antiviral 7-nicotinoyl-styrylquinoline (MB96) were investigated by means of UV-Vis linear dichroism (LD) spectroscopy on molecular samples aligned in stretched polyvinylalcohol (PVA), supported by time dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT) calculations. Experimentally, the directions of the transitions moments with(More)
Turbulent motion increases very significantly the collision rate between particles in dilute suspensions. In the case of heavy inertial particles, the collision rate enhancement results both from the intermittent concentration in the flow, and also from the large relative velocity between colliding particles. The latter effect is a consequence of the(More)
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