Laurin Herr

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A method to solve it for G = GK (K is a local field) is to use Fontaine’s theory of ΦΓ-modules and pass to a simpler Galois representation, paying the price of enlarging Zp to the ring of integers of a two-dimensional local field. In doing this we have to replace linear with semi-linear actions. In this paper we give an overview of the applications of such(More)
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) report ‘‘The Digital Dilemma’’ describes the issues caused by the rapid increase of storage requirements for long-term preservation and access of high quality digital media content. As one of the research communities focusing on very high quality digital content, CineGrid addresses these issues by(More)
Distributed digital repositories can be used to address critical issues of long-term digital preservation and disaster management for large data centers. A policy-driven system provides an ideal solution for managing distributed repositories that require high flexibility and high configurability. Recent studies demonstrate that the integrated Rule-Oriented(More)
PANEL COORDINATOR'S INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Japanese interest in computer graphics in the past has been led by users whose needs have been satisfied primarily by U. S. sources. However, as the Japanese market has grown, domestic players have emerged, especially commercial production companies and venture-type hardware manufacturers. In the world of commercial(More)
In a country as media-saturated as Japan, where the preservation of traditional social and aesthetic forms has been balanced over the past 120 years by a relentless quest for new ideas, fashions and techniques, computer graphics has found favor because of its novelty, expressive power and futuristic look. It fits nicely with the high-tech products and(More)
There is considerable research activity related to computer graphics within the Japanese academic community. However, little is known about it outside of Japan. Another problem is that some of the most interesting work being done is not called “Computer Graphics” and is therefore only reported in other fields such as “Precision(More)
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