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This paper reports a case series of families participating in Integrated Family Treatment, a home-based parent training and family support program for parents with severe psychiatric disabilities. All 8 families who entered the program over 6 months were followed for 1 year. Seven families remained in treatment for more than 10 months and rated the program(More)
Seven problems were posed. Seventeen teams submitted programs exclusively in C while ten team s submitted programs exclusively in Pascal. Two of the problems were solved by over half of the team s while one problem was not solved by any team. Detailed statistics are shown in the following table : Problem A J D E[ F G Total _ # of clarification requests 4 3(More)
The objective of this special session is to provide an opportunity for computer science educators, at both the college and high school level, to provide input to the AP CS Development Committee as it refines the curriculum for the A course in light of the elimination of the AB exam. The input and active participation of educators attending this special(More)
Social media has been an increasingly popular aspect of person-to-person communication. Twitter, a Web site that allows users to inform people about the happenings in their life using a minute amount of text (140 characters), has received much publicity for its usage. From a media and business point of view, Twitter has made a home in the professional(More)
This panel will describe several points of view and experiences in dealing with " non-traditional " computing science students by offering several definitions and descriptions of the non-traditional student, by describing programs and curricula designed to meet their needs, and experiences and challenges presented by these populations of students.(More)
The Advanced Placement Computer Science curriculum has used case studies since 1995. For the 2008 examination, the APCS curriculum introduced the GridWorld Case Study. Students who have grown up in a world of computers want to be able to do something more exciting than compute the average of a list of numbers or the price of an order in their initial(More)
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