Laurie Quinn

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Cardiovascular disease risk factor control as primary prevention in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus has changed substantially in the past few years. The purpose of this scientific statement is to review the current literature and key clinical trials pertaining to blood pressure and blood glucose control, cholesterol management, aspirin therapy, and(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the resting-state plasma catecholamine and anxiety levels of Korean male adolescents with Internet game addiction (IGA) and those without IGA. This cross-sectional comparative study was conducted with 230 male high school students in a South Korean city. Convenience and snowball sampling methods were employed, and(More)
A novel meal-detection algorithm is developed based on continuous glucose measurements. Bergman's minimal model is modified and used in an unscented Kalman filter for state estimations. The estimated rate of appearance of glucose is used for meal detection. Data from nine subjects are used to assess the performance of the algorithm. The results indicate(More)
A constrained weighted recursive least squares method is proposed to provide recursive models with guaranteed stability and better performance than models based on regular identification methods in predicting the variations of blood glucose concentration in patients with Type 1 Diabetes. Use of physiological information from a sports armband improves(More)
The ability to accurately develop subject-specific, input causation models, for blood glucose concentration (BGC) for large input sets can have a significant impact on tightening control for insulin dependent diabetes. More specifically, for Type 1 diabetics (T1Ds), it can lead to an effective artificial pancreas (i.e., an automatic control system that(More)
— Recursive time series models can describe effectively and accurately complex systems with time-varying parameters. These simple models can be used in forecasting and control systems. However, these models may be unstable because of plant and measurement noise even when the process is known to be stable. In this paper, we propose an approach to guarantee(More)
  • Maria L Palu, B S, Mariann Piano, Biobehavioral Health, Science Mi, Ja Kim +15 others
  • 2013
ii This dissertation is dedicated to: my loving husband, Maveni Palu, who provides endless support and sacrifice so that I may realize my dreams; our precious daughters, Olivia and Oreina, who are constant reminders of life's true joys as well as the fulfillment and happiness attained through curiosity, discovery, and everyday enlightenment; and my parents,(More)
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