Laurie Novak

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The amount of lipid soluble fluorescent pigment is compared in brain tissues of mice fed a diet containing 10% safflower oil with and without a supplement of antioxidants as Vitamin E, Ascorbyl-Palmitate and Sodium-Selenite. Addition of 0.2 g/kg Vitamin E to the diet gives a high raise in the mortality. The addition of 0.2 g/kg Vitamin E and 0.5 g/kg(More)
The methods of preparation of dental tissues, treatment of the dentine wound and filling materials, which replace the hard dental tissues, are discussed to evaluate their features in toward the requirements for biological harmlessness. Based on the literature data, their own clinical and practical experiences, the authors have found that none of the(More)
E r sa t z der H A t o n e an den e lek t rophi ien S ubs t i t u t i ons s tel len t u n d 3 des AzuIens d u r c h S u b s t i t u e n t e n ers ter Ordn u n g (die ke ine z u m Azu len res t kon jug ie r ende D o p p e l b i n d u n gen t ragen) g ib t e inen f a rbve r t i e f enden Effekt , E r s a t z du rch S u b s t i t u e n t e n zweiter O r d n u(More)
The authors followed the effect of chromcobalt alloy on human cells cultured in vitro. They found out that corrosion increases the cytotoxicity of this alloy, meanwhile the perfectly laboratory elaboration, especially polishing of substitution decreases the cytotoxicity. We recommend for the complex cytotoxicity review, to test the metals and alloys also(More)