Laurie Miller Nelson

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Neuropsychological and neuroradiologic evidence of cerebral lesions is described for 12 patients with multiple sclerosis in whom cognitive disability was far greater than any other neurologic disability. Cognitive dysfunction resulted in significant functional impairment at work or home in three fourths (9 of 12) of the patients described here, despite mild(More)
Much recent research and funding have focused on building Internet-based repositories that contain collections of high-quality learning resources, often called 'learning objects.' Yet little is known about how non-specialist users, in particular teachers, find, access, and use digital learning resources. To address this gap, this article describes a case(More)
We compared results of comprehensive neuropsychological testing in 42 patients with clinically diagnosed Alzheimer's disease (AD) and in an equal number of patients with clinically definite chronic-progressive multiple sclerosis. Age, sex, and education were controlled using demographically corrected T scores based on a large normal sample. Both groups(More)
Sixty patients with chronic/progressive MS received a newly assembled neuropsychological screening battery (NSB) and a brain MRI. A neuroradiologist blinded to NSB findings quantified cerebral lesions on MRI. We developed weighted brain area lesion scores according to number and size of cerebral lesions. Patients who were impaired on NSB testing had a(More)
Weakness has been reported by patients as one side effect of baclofen. We evaluated torque production as a measure of contractile strength in 30 subjects with clinically definite multiple sclerosis. Participants, with minimal to moderate spasticity, were titrated onto baclofen by 5mg increments every other day for seven days and maintained at 20mg for one(More)
Past investigators have reported evidence of central nervous system involvement in myotonic dystrophy (MYD), including EEG abnormalities, ventricular enlargement, thalamic inclusion bodies, and impaired tests of cognitive function. Brain stem auditory evoked potentials have not been reported in myotonic dystrophy. We report the results of brain stem(More)
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