Laurie Miller Nelson

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Much recent research and funding have focused on building Internet-based repositories that contain collections of high-quality learning resources, often called ‘learning objects.’ Yet little is known about how non-specialist users, in particular teachers, find, access, and use digital learning resources. To address this gap, this article describes a case(More)
Medicare's experience with balance billing provides valuable lessons for policy making for national or state health care reform. Medicare developed several policies to encourage physicians to become participating providers who accept Medicare-allowed charges as payment in full. Only nonparticipating physicians are permitted to bill for additional amounts(More)
Extraordinary growth in managed care arrangements over the past decade has been both widely praised and criticized. Proponents and critics agree that the nature of medical practice is being profoundly altered by this growth, even if they cannot articulate the direction and consequences of this change. We explore the roots of this uncertainty by examining(More)
The ability to recycle H(2) evolved by nitrogenase is thought to be of importance in increasing the efficiency of N(2) fixation and to be a factor in increasing plant yield in symbiotic systems. To determine whether this ability is a significant factor in the Rhizobium leguminosarum-Pisum sativum L. system, plants were inoculated with R. leguminosarum(More)
Because of concern about the effects of prepaid care on outcomes for elderly enrollees in health maintenance organizations (HMOs), a prospective study of access to care and functional outcomes was performed. HMOs with Medicare risk contracts in January 1985 (N = 17) were selected from ten communities and were matched for comparison with ten similar(More)
The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) initiated the Medicare Competition Demonstration in 1982 in anticipation of congressional intent to establish a national program. Interim results on the 1984 service use and cost experience of the health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and competitive medical plans (CMPs) participating in the demonstrations(More)
This study presents new data from a 1996 national survey of Medicare risk enrollees and disenrollees designed to profile access to care in Medicare health maintenance organizations (HMOs). The findings show that expanded benefits and low (or no) premiums are major features attracting disabled Medicare beneficiaries into Medicare HMOs. We found that most(More)
Peas (Pisum sativum L.) were inoculated with strains of Rhizobium leguminosarum having different levels of uptake hydrogenase (Hup) activity and were grown in sterile Leonard jars under controlled conditions. Rates of H(2) evolution and acetylene reduction were determined for intact nodulated roots at intervals after the onset of darkness or after removal(More)