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Trends in polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants were determined in eggs of birds from British Columbia. Temporal trends in the Fraser River estuary, 1983-2002, were examined in great blue herons, and from the Strait of Georgia, 1979-2002, in double-crested cormorants. Results were compared with ospreys from the lower Fraser River and(More)
Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is a persistent organochlorine compound found worldwide that causes significant anatomical, physiological and behavioural abnormalities in humans and wildlife. However, little is known about whether environmental exposure to DDT affects the brain. Here, we show that environmental exposure to DDT alters the brains of(More)
Marine plastic debris is a global issue, which highlights the need for internationally standardized methods of monitoring plastic pollution. The stomach contents of beached northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis) have proven a cost-effective biomonitor in Europe. However, recent information on northern fulmar plastic ingestion is lacking in the North Pacific.(More)
Adipose tissue cellularity and metabolism are traditionally expressed in terms of mean cell size and number. The need for a simple method allowing rapid determination of cell size and number of freshly isolated, unfixed adipocyte preparations led us to compare estimates of cell size determined by the established method of optical sizing to a proposed method(More)
Peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) now breed successfully in most areas of North America from which they were previously extirpated. The loss during the mid-part of the last century of many of the world's peregrine populations was largely a consequence of impaired reproduction caused by the effects of DDE on eggshell quality and embryo hatchability.(More)
The surf scoter (Melanitta perspicillata) is a little-studied species of North American sea duck. Estimates suggest it has experienced a precipitous decline in breeding numbers over the latter half of the past century. To investigate the potential role of contaminant uptake and toxicity in the population decline, this study undertook to measure blood(More)
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