Laurie K Thomas

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Cervical cancer is unique among human cancers because it was the first cancer discovered to be virtually solely attributable to the effects of an infectious agent. Numerous epidemiologic and laboratory studies have confirmed a strong causal association between human papillomavirus infection and the development of premalignant and malignant lesions of the(More)
Phe-tRNA (anticodon GAA)--polypeptide-chain elongation factor Tu-GTP ternary complexes react faster with ribosomes programmed with UUC codons than with ribosomes programmed with UUU codons. A similar preference is shown by Leu-tRNA2 (anticodon GAG) complexes, which react faster with ribosomes programmed with CUC than with those programmed with CUU. The(More)
Six tetraphenylporphyrins have been studied for their binding with human apohemoglobin and methemoglobin. Four showed binding with apohemoglobin, in a way hemin binds, to form analogs of recondtituted hemoglobin. Five porphyrins bound with methemoglobin, perhaps, through random ionic interaction.
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