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Polymorphisms in the Transcription Factor 7-Like 2 (TCF7L2) Gene Are Associated With Type 2 Diabetes in the Amish
Transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) regulates genes involved in cell proliferation and differentiation. The TCF7L2 gene is located on chromosome 10q25 in a region of replicated linkage to type 2Expand
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Genetic variation in adiponectin receptor 1 and adiponectin receptor 2 is associated with type 2 diabetes in the Old Order Amish.
Adiponectin receptor 1 (ADIPOR1) and adiponectin receptor 2 (ADIPOR2) are newly identified receptors for adiponectin, an adipocytokine with anti-inflammatory and insulin-sensitizing properties. WeExpand
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Quantitative variation in obesity-related traits and insulin precursors linked to the OB gene region on human chromosome 7.
Despite the evidence that human obesity has strong genetic determinants, efforts at identifying specific genes that influence human obesity have largely been unsuccessful. Using the sibship dataExpand
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Evidence for linkage of regions on chromosomes 6 and 11 to plasma glucose concentrations in Mexican Americans.
The genetic factors involved in type II diabetes are still unknown. To address this problem, we are creating a 10 to 15 cM genetic map on 444 individuals from 32 Mexican American families ascertainedExpand
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The Thr92Ala deiodinase type 2 (DIO2) variant is not associated with type 2 diabetes or indices of insulin resistance in the old order of Amish.
A common polymorphism of the type 2 deiodinase gene (Thr92Ala DIO2) was found to be associated with insulin resistance in a mixed Caucasian population. The aim of this study was to investigate theExpand
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Thrombomodulin Ala455Val Polymorphism and the risk of cerebral infarction in a biracial population: the Stroke Prevention in Young Women Study
BackgroundThe genes encoding proteins in the thrombomodulin-protein C pathway are promising candidate genes for stroke susceptibility because of their importance in thrombosis regulation andExpand
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Neuroserpin polymorphisms and stroke risk in a biracial population: the stroke prevention in young women study
BackgroundNeuroserpin, primarily localized to CNS neurons, inhibits the adverse effects of tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA) on the neurovascular unit and has neuroprotective effects in animalExpand
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Polymorphisms in both promoters of hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha are associated with type 2 diabetes in the Amish.
Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha (HNF4A) is a transcription factor located on chromosome 20q13 that regulates expression of genes involved in glucose metabolism and homeostasis. Recently, two groupsExpand
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NIDDM in Mexican-American Families: Heterogeneity by age of onset
OBJECTIVE Heredity has long been known as a risk factor for non-insulindependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), but the mode of inheritance of NIDDM remains unclear. We examined the distribution ofExpand
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Evidence That Rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor 11 (ARHGEF11) on 1q21 is a Type 2 Diabetes Susceptibility Gene in the Old Order Amish
Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 11 (ARHGEF11), located on chromosome 1q21, is involved in G protein signaling and is a pathway known to play a role in both insulin secretion and action. WeExpand
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