Laurie J Antonik

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BACKGROUND A new benzodiazepine, remimazolam, metabolized by tissue esterases to an inactive compound, CNS 7054, has been developed to permit a fast onset, a short and more predictable duration of sedative action, and a more rapid recovery profile than with currently available benzodiazepines. We report on the safety and efficacy of the first human study.(More)
BACKGROUND We performed the first multiple dose study of remimazolam designed to assess both the feasibility of maintaining suitable sedation during colonoscopy and reversing the sedative effects of remimazolam with flumazenil. METHODS Healthy volunteers received fentanyl followed by remimazolam for sedation during colonoscopy. Three dose groups of 15(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Arachnoid cysts are a frequent finding on magnetic resonance imaging; however, the use of major conduction anesthesia in patients with these cysts has not been reported. METHODS Epidural anesthesia was used in a parturient with a triplet pregnancy preeclampsia, and a documented arachnoid cyst extending from TII to LI. RESULTS(More)
Two groups of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) were treated with alpha-methyldopa (2.5 g/L in drinking water) for 12-17 weeks. One group was treated during the normal time course for development of hypertension and myocardial hypertrophy (beginning at age 4 weeks), while the other was treated after stabilization of hypertension/hypertrophy (21 weeks).(More)
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