Laurie Ironstand

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BACKGROUND First Nations people with diabetes mellitus and hypertension are at greater risk of renal and cardiovascular complications than are non-native patients because of barriers to health care services. We conducted this randomized controlled trial to assess whether a community-based treatment strategy implemented by home care nurses would be effective(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the DREAM studies and the role of participatory research using a Home and Community Care model in treating First Nations diabetes. STUDY DESIGN Population survey, pilot and prospective randomized trial METHODS Review documented history of these studies since inception. Collation of all data from the DREAM studies from 1998 to the(More)
OBJECTIVES To follow blood pressure change over time in participants who had participated in a 1- year chronic disease management program focused on blood pressure reduction. The expectation was that blood pressure would return back to the baseline once the study was completed. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, single-arm observational study. METHODS Study(More)
BACKGROUND The rising prevalence of type 2 diabetes underlines the importance of secondary strategies for the prevention of target organ damage. While access to diabetes education centers and diabetes intensification management has been shown to improve blood glucose control, these services are not available to all that require them, particularly in rural(More)
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