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We focus on developing an account of user behavior under error conditions, working with annotated data from real human-machine mixed initiative dialogs. In particular, we examine categories of error perception, user behavior under error, effect of user strategies on error recovery, and the role of user initiative in error situations. A conditional(More)
SYSTRAN has demonstrated success in the MT field with its long history spanning nearly 30 years. As a general-purpose fully automatic MT system, SYSTRAN employs a transfer approach. Among its several components, large, carefully encoded, high-quality dictionaries are critical to SYSTRAN's translation capability. A total of over 2.4 million words and(More)
We introduce a new generation of commercial translation software, based primarily on statistical learning and statistical language models. Language Weaver will begin licensing server-based machine translation software in September 2003. In addition to software licensing, Language Weaver offers system customization services. Windows servers and Windows XP(More)