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OBJECTIVE This article provides an overview of how psychosomatic research on pain has evolved over the past 60 years as exemplified by studies published in Psychosomatic Medicine. METHODS Each issue of Psychosomatic Medicine from 1939 to 1999 was reviewed to identify papers that dealt with pain, painful medical conditions, or pain management. A total of(More)
SUNY Geneseo's original commercial helpdesk software was purchased and implemented nearly ten years ago. The drawbacks of managing a large software installation (high annual maintenance costs, complex administration needs that could not be met with current staffing levels, and prohibitive expansion costs) led to our exploration of a new helpdesk solution(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study examined the specificity of self-reported childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms using the Wender Utah Rating Scale (WURS) in young adults with (1) a previous diagnosis of ADHD, (2) comorbid ADHD and psychological symptoms or diagnoses, (3) psychological diagnoses or symptoms without comorbid ADHD, and(More)
In January of 1996, Computing & Information Technology (CIT) at the State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo implemented an instructional computer lab. This was used as a general access computer lab and doubled as teaching space for technology education but has seen many revisions. In the 12 years since the lab's construction, Geneseo has seen(More)
The days of printed newsletters are long gone and our IT department uses a blend of email notifications, web page updates, and social media techniques to share information with the campus community. Determined to develop a communication plan that reaches everyone in the community, we worked with a team of students and staff to refine our procedures and(More)
If you're a busy technical support professional, then time management is an important skill for getting your work done, finding a satisfactory work / life balance, and keeping your sanity. Searching for time management at Amazon.com reveals over 14,000 books on the subject. These tomes promise to teach how to stop procrastination, develop new habits,(More)
Wikis are a popular tool on college campuses for documentation and collaboration. Despite the wide spread use of wikis, many users still do not understand what a wiki is, how it is used, or how to apply it to their needs. The myriad uses for wikis and figuring out how to use them can be overwhelming. At SUNY Geneseo, we use two different wikis to address(More)
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