Laurie E Breyfogle

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We report the preparation, structural characterization, and detailed lactide polymerization behavior of a new Zn(II) alkoxide complex, (L(1)ZnOEt)(2) (L(1) = 2,4-di-tert-butyl-6-{[(2'-dimethylaminoethyl)methylamino]methyl}phenolate). While an X-ray crystal structure revealed the complex to be dimeric in the solid state, nuclear magnetic resonance and mass(More)
Three dimetallic monoethoxide complexes supported by a binucleating phenoxide ligand, LM2Cl2OEt (M = Zn, Co, or Mg), were prepared and shown by X-ray crystallography to be structurally analogous. Comparative studies of their cyclic ester polymerization reactivity revealed different trends for reactions with epsilon-caprolactone and lactide, however,(More)
The complexes Fe2(OCHPh2)6 and L2FeOR (R = Et or CHPh2, L = N,N'-bis(trimethylsilyl)benzamidinate) were structurally characterized, and comparative studies of the behavior of those compounds comprising the same alkoxide (Ph2HCO-) in polymerizations of -caprolactone (CL) and D,L-lactide (LA) were performed. Both Fe2(OCHPh2)6 and L2FeOCHPh2 are effective(More)
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