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The authors studies the correlation of methylphenidate medication in childhood with later drug abuse and growth in height. Thirty adolescents with histories of minimal brain dysfunction who had been treated for at least six months with chemotherapy were compared with 30 adolescents who had not been so treated. The findings do not indicate that(More)
Now that we have observed the growth and development of 17 of our anatomically reconstructed exstrophy patients through 20 or more years of followup, we are convinced that reconstruction should be the preferred primary treatment. Most of these patients are healthy, attractive, well educated adults and have achieved emotional maturity and stability, despite(More)
To exclude the possibility that changes in hepatotoxicity and biotransformation were induced by diabetogen administration, the influence of long-lasting experimental insulin-dependent diabetes on the activities of benzphetamine demethylase, styrene oxide hydrolase, and UDP-glucuronosyl-transferases toward 1-naphthol, diethylstilbestrol, estrone and(More)