Laurie B. Hopkins

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The interval number of a graph G, denoted i(G), is the least positive integer t for which G is the intersection graph of a family of sets each of which is the union of at most t cIosed intervals of the real line IR. Trotter and Harary showed that the interval number of the complete bipartite graph K(m, n) is [(mn + I)/(m + n)]. Matthews showed that the(More)
Citation Le Pape, S., L. Divol, L. Berzak Hopkins, A. Mackinnon, N. B. Meezan, D. Casey, J. Frenje, et al. “Observation of a Reflected Shock in an Indirectly Driven Spherical Implosion at the National Ignition Facility.” Physical Review Letters 112, no. 22 (June 2014). © 2014 American Physical Society As Published(More)
high density carbon ablators in near-vacuum hohlraums N. B. Meezan, L. F. Berzak Hopkins, S. Le Pape, L. Divol, A. J. MacKinnon, T. Döppner, D. D. Ho, O. S. Jones, S. F. Khan, T. Ma, J. L. Milovich, A. E. Pak, J. S. Ross, C. A. Thomas, L. R. Benedetti, D. K. Bradley, P. M. Celliers, D. S. Clark, J. E. Field, S. W. Haan, N. Izumi, G. A. Kyrala, J. D. Moody,(More)
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