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Fewer ethnic minorities, especially Asian-Americans, become organ donors. There are cultural, religious, and personal barriers to becoming a designated organ donor. Factors that promote or inhibit organ donation in Asians, especially Filipinos, are not well understood. We conducted a series of focus groups to identify barriers and facilitators to organ(More)
The authors present results of a randomized clinical trial of the efficacy of extended treatment with bupropion SR in producing longer term cigarette smoking cessation. Adult smokers (N = 362) received open-label treatment (11 weeks) that combined relapse prevention training, bupropion SR, and nicotine patch followed by extended treatment (14 weeks) with(More)
Results from mailed surveys (n = 424) showed that 28% of adult Filipinos were a designated organ donor on their driver's license. In logistic regression analyses respondents who were born in the United States were 3.5 times more likely to be a designated donor compared with foreign-born Filipinos. Future programs should emphasize the need for Filipinos,(More)
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