Laurianne Georgeton

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This paper presents the TYPALOC corpus of French Dysarthric and Healthy speech and the rationale underlying its constitution. The objective is to compare phonetic variation in the speech of dysarthric vs. healthy speakers in different speech conditions (read and unprepared speech). More precisely, we aim to compare the extent, types and location of phonetic(More)
Variations in the acoustic manifestations of the rounding and height contrasts in French vowels are investigated in different prosodic positions. Four speakers produced sentences containing the vowels /i, e, a, y, ø/ at the beginning of different prosodic constituents: Intonational Phrase, Accentual Phrase and Word. Acoustic cues for the rounding contrast(More)
Variations de la configuration labiale des voyelles /i, y, a/ : effets de la position prosodique et du locuteur L'objectif de cette étude est d'observer la configuration labiale des voyelles /i, y, a/ à partir de mesures prises sur les contours interne et externe des lèvres. Les variations de configuration labiale en fonction des voyelles, des locuteurs et(More)
Purpose Phonetic variation due to domain initial strengthening was investigated with respect to the acoustic and articulatory distinctiveness of vowels within a subset of the French oral vowel system /i, e, ɛ, a, o, u/, organized along 4 degrees of height for the front vowels and 2 degrees of backness at the close and midclose height levels. Method(More)
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