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Does ontogeny modulate irradiance-elicited plasticity of leaf traits in saplings of rain-forest tree species? A test with Dicorynia guianensis and Tachigali melinonii (Fabaceae, Caesalpinioideae)
Abstract• Irradiance elicits a large plasticity in leaf traits, but little is known about the modulation of this plasticity by ontogeny. Interactive effects of relative irradiance and ontogeny wereExpand
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Caractérisation des traits fonctionnels relatifs à la photosynthèse chez Tachigali melinonii (Caesalpiniaceae)
Une espece forestiere de Guyane Francaise, Tachigali melinonii (Caesalipiniaceae), a ete choisie afin de regarder la variation des traits fonctionnels relatifs a la photosynthese en fonction de laExpand
Soft switching techniques to improve the performances of standard DC-DC converter modules
In the Spacecraft power supplies field, driven by the increasing integration of the equipments (ASIC's...), the hard trend is to reduce mass and volume of these functions. These requirements lead soExpand
Radiation tests on BCD100 smart power technology
Since BCD100 Smart Power technology may be of interest for space applications, we have characterized the TSXKFC481A test vehicle under radiation (total dose and heavy ions).
High performances standard DC-DC converter modules
A new generation of standard DC-DC converter modules using innovative techniques and technologies issued from aeronautic is presented. This development has been performed in the frame of ESA and CNESExpand