Lauriane Delaye

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The soil organic carbon (SOC) of the Argiudolls of the Argentine Rolling Pampa evolves rapidly. Currently, the soils richest in SOC are cultivated with intensified crop sequences (e.g. maize-double cropped wheat/soybean, MWS) under no tillage (NT) and the poorest ones with soybean monoculture (S) under NT. There are great uncertainties about the future(More)
The mass and structural evolution of massive galaxies is one of the hottest topics in galaxy formation. This is because it may reveal invaluable insights into the still debated evolutionary processes governing the growth and assembly of spheroids. However, direct comparison between models and observations is usually prevented by the so-called Şprogenitor(More)
This paper presents the under-going development of the ground segment algorithms of the SWIM instrument. SWIM is a wave scatterometer which will be embarked on the Chinese French oceanography mission, CFOSAT. SWIM aims at measuring the 2D oceanic wave spectra; it is a Ku band real aperture radar. Simulations are performed to get data along the satellite(More)
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