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Respondents in a stratified random sample of 750 males aged 18 to 27 in Calgary, Canada were asked to recall unwanted sexual contacts occurring before their 17th birthday: 117 (15.6%) had experienced one or more unwanted sexual contacts. Those recalling multiple events of abuse (52 individuals, 6.9% of all respondents) were distinguished from other(More)
Inspired by outcome discrepancies in research related to job characteristics, employee characteristics, and satisfaction, this study revisits classic notions of satisfaction of employees within organizations. Using a sample of professionals, the study explores organizational and individual antecedents to satisfaction. Characteristics of the job, perceived(More)
Purpose Use of dietary supplements by individuals are thought to be associated with health-seeking behaviors. The aim of this study was to examine the patterns of dietary supplement (DS) use among individuals with coronary risk factors (CRF): prediabetes/diabetes (Type 2), hypertension, elevated cholesterol, smoking, overweight/obesity, and physical(More)
Purpose National surveys may underestimate prevalence of bota-nical/specialty dietary supplements (BDS) among Hispa-nics in the United States (US). We sought to examine prevalence and determinants of BDS use among Hispa-nics and variation by Latino background in the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). Methods We assessed the prevalence of BDS use in(More)
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