Lauri Sumanen

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A single-chip, multi-mode receiver for GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, and UTRA/FDD WCDMA is introduced in this paper. Hence, the receiver operates at four different RF frequencies with two different baseband bandwidths. The presented chip, which consists of a low noise amplifier, downconversion mixers with on-chip LO I/Q-generation, channel selection filters,(More)
Three different CMOS dynamic comparator topologies for pipeline AID converters, resistive divider, differential pair, and charge distribution comparators, are analyzed. The topologies considered are fully differential, i.e. both sensing and reference voltage inputs are balanced, consist only of a single stage, and feature zero DC power dissipation with a(More)
A 2-GHz single-chip direct conversion receiver achieves a 3.0-dB double-sideband noise figure, 14-dBm IIP3 and +17-dBm IIP2 with 60-mW power consumption from a 2.7-V supply. The receiver is targeted for the third generation UTRA/FDD WCDMA system. The low power consumption has been achieved with a proper partitioning and by avoiding buffering between blocks.(More)