Lauri Salmivalli

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Information technology has been a central enabler in the process toward network society. Despite the critical role of computers in inter-organizational arrangements, coordination of IT decisions within these networks is a fairly unexplored area, both in research and in practice. The processes through which the orchestration of IT in networks takes place are(More)
The purpose of this paper is to examine the current state of open source projects in health care environment and the level of collaboration in this field. We underpinned our discussion on the theoretical foundations of institutional theory, collaboration and virtual organisations. This article reports briefly the challenges of health care information(More)
This paper describes the evaluation of the national ePrescription system in Finland. It is based on a national ePrescription database. By the end of 2004, two hospitals had implemented the required technology and 300 ePrescrip-tions had been sent to the database. A multidisciplinary evaluation framework was used to help direct the design and implementation(More)
In this paper, we analyse the current state of the development of electronic prescriptions in Europe and the USA. These two places have different approaches to the healthcare sector, since in the former one national social insurance usually provides treatment for all of the people (most often only with friction from total costs), but in the latter one the(More)
Prior research on inter-organizational information systems has focused primarily on dyadic network relationships, where agreements about information exchange are made between two organizations. The focus of this research is on the processes through which IT decisions are made within larger inter-organizational networks with several network parties. The(More)
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