Lauri S. Howard

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Although techniques for the short-term control of end-tidal gases exist, the lack of a satisfactory technique for longer-term control of the end-tidal gases has limited protracted physiological experiments of this nature. We have constructed a chamber in which subjects can be comfortable for many hours while having their end-tidal gas composition monitored(More)
The symmetry of a knot, which is our first aesthetic constraint, is determined by the number of moves to the right minus the number of moves to the left, sǃ∑ iǃ1 h x i where x i ǃ1 if the ith step is r ^ , ǁ1 if the ith step is l ^ and 0 otherwise. Because asymmet-ric knots disrupt human bilateral symmetry , we consider the most symmetric knots from each(More)
This study assessed whether the form of the peripheral chemoreflex response to hypoxia depends on the magnitude of the stimulus. Two amplitudes of square-wave hypoxic stimulation were employed: small amplitude (SO) PETO2 from 63.2 to 54.9 Torr, and large amplitude (LO) PETO2 from 73.0 to 48.0 Torr. Each was studied at two levels of PETCO2: 2 Torr above(More)
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