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The design and implementation of an application programming interface (API) is a trade-off between abstraction it provides and overheads it causes. This paper presents an implementation of Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) on a heterogeneous platform consisting of FPGA-based multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) connected via PCIe to an external CPU(More)
IP-XACT, the recent IEEE1685 standard, defines metadata format for IP packing and integration in System-on-Chip designs. It was originally proposed for hardware descriptions, but we have extended it for software, HW/SW mappings and application communication abstraction. The latter is realized with Multicore Association MCAPI that is a lightweight message(More)
Key challenge for embedded system companies is management of product configurations over lifecycle. Either new functionality is implemented on an old platform, legacy code on a new one, or both at the same time. We propose Kactus2, a product integration environment suitable for small and mid-size enterprises (SME) utilizing FPGAs. We combine IP-XACT for HW(More)
FPGAs are traditionally designed with RTL-level IP-block descriptions. Many FPGA designs include several synthesizable processors and SW executables are mapped to them after a separate software development process. The tools help connecting physical blocks together and typically provide a board support package for SW development to access HW from the(More)
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