Lauri I. W. Pesonen

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Publish/subscribe systems provide an efficient, event-based, wide-area distributed communications infrastructure. Large scale publish/subscribe systems are likely to employ components of the event transport network owned by cooperating, but independent organisations. As the number of participants in the network increases, security becomes an increasing(More)
Publish/subscribe research has so far been mostly focused on efficient event routing, event filtering, and composite event detection. The little research that has been published regarding security in publish/subscribe systems has been tentative at best. This paper presents a model for secure type names, and definitions for type-checked, content-based(More)
Publish/subscribe is emerging as the favoured communication paradigm for large-scale, wide-area distributed systems. The publish/subscribe many-to-many interaction model together with asynchronous messaging provides an efficient transport for highly distributed systems in high latency environments with direct peer-to-peer interactions amongst the(More)
Content-based publish/subscribe provides a flexible communication model for component interoperation in large-scale environments. In process support systems and other applications that follow an event-based architectural style, the definition of dependencies between interacting components and the notion of all-or-nothing semantics are often needed to ensure(More)
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