Lauri Hurri

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Computerized tomography of the head was carried out on 69 elderly patients who met the DSM-III criteria for delirium and 31 neurological controls in order to evaluate the focal changes and generalized brain atrophy associated with delirium. Neither the difference between the mean ages nor the sex distribution in these groups was statistically significant.(More)
Conservative methods in treating long-standing hydrops and pain in individual joints are very unsatisfactory. The effect of intra-articular corticosteroid injections is mostly of short duration and the symptoms are relieved only partially. Von Reis and Swensson were the first to use osmic acid intra-articularly in painful joint affections (1 951). However,(More)
Computered tomography of the head was carried out on 35 patients who received a hospital diagnosis of delirium according to the DSM-III, and 25 controls without cognitive disturbance. There were no statistically significant differences in the mean age of the groups or in the cortical atrophy score as measured by the mean width of the four largest sulci in(More)