Lauri H. Seaver

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Nuclear receptor 2E1 (NR2E1) is expressed in human fetal and adult brains; however, its role in human brain-behavior development is unknown. Previously, we have corrected the cortical hypoplasia and behavioral abnormalities in Nr2e1(-/-) mice using a genomic clone spanning human NR2E1, which bolsters the hypothesis that NR2E1 may similarly play a role in(More)
Caudal regression syndrome involves absence of the sacrococcygeal vertebrae with or without lumbar vertebral defects. Since the neurological condition of infants with this syndrome deteriorates, radiographic studies are important to rule out any surgically correctable lesion. A paraplegic male neonate with a vertebral canal ending at T11 is presented. This(More)
Patient images are used for many purposes in medical practice. They are placed in the medical record as an adjunct to clinical care, displayed to colleagues, students and other audiences in educational settings, and published in medical journals or other media as part of medical research. In each case it is not only prudent, but necessary for the patients'(More)
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