Laurentiu E Dinca

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We report the synthesis of extended two-dimensional organic networks on Cu(111), Ag(111), Cu(110), and Ag(110) from thiophene-based molecules. A combination of scanning tunnelling microscopy and X-ray photoemission spectroscopy yields insight into the reaction pathways from single molecules towards the formation of two-dimensional organometallic and(More)
The imaging and characterization of single-molecule reaction events is essential to both extending our basic understanding of chemistry and applying this understanding to challenges at the frontiers of technology, for example, in nanoelectronics. Specifically, understanding the behavior of individual molecules can elucidate processes critical to the(More)
We investigate, using scanning tunnelling microscopy, the adsorption of pentacene on Ni(111) at room temperature and the behaviour of these monolayer films with annealing up to 700 °C. We observe the conversion of pentacene into graphene, which begins from as low as 220 °C with the coalescence of pentacene molecules into large planar aggregates. Then, by(More)
The tip of a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) can be used to dehydrogenate freely-diffusing tetrathienoanthracene (TTA) molecules on Cu(111), trapping the molecules into metal-coordinated oligomeric structures. The process proceeds at bias voltages above ~3 V and produces organometallic structures identical to those resulting from the thermally-activated(More)
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