Laurentiu Bucur

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The High-Level Architecture (HLA) is the de-facto standard in simulation interoperability. This paper presents a possible way for HLA to integrate with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) in the context of a smart building project. The paper discusses the design of an HLA federate for the inclusion of a service oriented smart building controller in the(More)
This paper introduces a proposal on developing a service oriented modelling and simulation architecture related to intelligent building management based on an existing open platform that is intended to allow different people to participate and contribute at developing a intelligent building management service ecosystem. In this way, both users and(More)
Chaotic behaviour has been shown to exist in financial data. This paper advances the use of the sparse kernel machine model for the prediction of directional change for this class of dynamical systems. The notions of low entropy trajectory sets and low entropy trajectory balls in phase space are defined as the building patterns for the predictor. The(More)
Time series prediction methods applied to chaotic signals affected by noise use a continuous pattern function as the least-squares estimate of an unknown deterministic map. The noise variance around the continuous pattern function is not always constant but may exhibit spatial variability, which directly affects prediction performance. In this paper we(More)
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