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This paper presents LOGISIM, a CAD tool to simulate the temporal behaviour of hybrid circuits containing electro-mechanical, electrohydraulic, hydro-mechanic, and digital control devices. LOGISIM combines the advantages of both qualitative and quantitative reasoning by producing a high-level description (discrete states) of the circuit behaviour while(More)
PURPOSE To describe the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of fetal supraventricular tachyarrhythmias in a series of fetuses followed in a tertiary Fetal Cardiology Center. METHODS Twenty-five fetuses with diagnosis of supraventricular tachyarrhytmia were reported from January 1989 to October 1997, among 3117 pregnant women referred for fetal cardiac(More)
The parallel arrangement of the fetal intracardiac circulation requires unrestricted flow of blood through the foramen ovale in the atrial septum. Restriction to this flow is a significant cardiac abnormality, with potentially serious sequelae in post-natal life. A wide spectrum of abnormalities has been associated to the restriction of flow through the(More)
Two cases of aortic valvar stenosis are presented, each of them submitted to balloon valvoplasty in the newborn period, with instant relief of the obstruction and clinical improvement. Studies about the aortic balloon valvuloplasty are being accomplished, showing results similar to the surgical approach, but with lower risks.
Qualitative Reasoning has been a field ofgreat interest in various areas of research for the last ten years . Its ability to deal with incomplete knowledge can be very helpful when only a general description of a system or phenomena is available. Obviously, any lack of information in a model may lead to indeterminacy when using this model to make behavioral(More)
In order to reduce pollutant emissions from gas turbines, premixed combustion offers an attractive solution. However, in practical cases, the quality of the mixing may be difficult to assess and one need techniques to actually measure the local and instantaneous ratio between fuel and oxidizers. To provide such data, a technique was used that uses a Nd:YAG(More)
Burners operating in lean premixed prevaporized (LPP) regimes are considered as good candidates to reduce pollutant emissions from gas turbines. Lean combustion regimes result in lower burnt gas temperatures and therefore a reduction on the NOx emissions, one of the main pollutant species. However, these burners usually show strong flame dynamics, making(More)
PURPOSE To report the experience of one of the most severe fetal rhythm disturbances, the complete atrioventricular block. METHODS Descriptive study of 14 fetuses diagnosed and monitored at the Fetal Cardiology Unit, from January, 1991 to August, 1995. RESULTS Fourteen cases of complete AV block were identified during the study period, with(More)
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