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This study evaluated prospectively the incidence of neuropathic pain after thoracotomy, described its clinical characteristics, and delineated landmarks for its diagnosis in daily practice. We evaluated clinically painful symptoms and sensory deficits in 54 patients after lateral/posterolateral thoracotomy for broncho-pulmonary carcinoma with standardized(More)
Three methods of estimating gamma globulin in the serum of patients with hypogammaglobulinaemia are described and compared, namely free electrophoresis, the inhibition of antiglobulin antiserum method, and the gel diffusion precipitin method. Data from 142 parallel estimations are reported. The errors of these methods are determined. The results of the(More)
Thoracotomy is often responsible for chronic pain, possibly of neuropathic origin. To confirm preclinical studies, the preventive effects of perioperative ketamine were tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on persistent neuropathic pain after thoracotomy. Eighty-six patients scheduled for thoracotomy under standardised(More)
We have conducted a series of fatigue tests on samples of bovine compact bone loaded in cyclic torsion. The fatigue strength (i.e. the range of stress needed to cause failure in a given number of cycles) was found to be lower than the fatigue strength of the same material in compression by more than a factor of two. We also tested intact chicken metatarsals(More)
This paper describes a new key forwarding protocol for networks messages exchange which guaranties both authentication of participants and forward security. The protocol lies within the framework of a keys derivation scheme used for spanning tree-based networks messages diffusion where compromising a key in a node involves compromising all derived keys in(More)
  • L Vallet
  • 1979
Gel filtration in Sephadex G200 has been used in the quality control of normal and specific immunoglobulins at the Blood Products Laboratory, Elstree, for more than eleven years. Eluting from a 140 cm column, polymerised and aggregated protein is excluded by the gel, followed in order of elution by fractions containing the IgG dimer and the monomer. After(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to test the validity of a French language version of the Non-Communicating Children's Pain Checklist - Postoperative Version (NCCPC-PV): grille d'évaluation de la douleur-déficience intellectuelle (GED-DI). METHODS We assessed the intensity of pain in 87 intellectually disabled surgical patients recruited in four Canadian(More)